Twin Tigers Martial Arts Reviews

Twin Tigers Martial Arts Aaron L.

I have been training at twin tigers for over a year. Matt and Nick have a top of the line gym and are genuinely good people that love what they do. You won’t find a better atmosphere to come and train and advance your skills.

Aaron L.

Twin Tigers Martial Arts Billie W.

If you are looking for Christian-based, enthusiastic, genuine, knowledgeable karate lessons/classes, Twin Tigers is without a doubt the place to be! They welcomed us with open arms. Not often do you find Christian-based businesses and people any more, and I am so thrilled and impressed that they start and close each session in prayer. Nick & Matt are extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and we couldn’t ask for better spirited people to work with not only children (& my child), but I see the relationships they make with their students, children & adult. Five star, class-act!

Billie W.

Twin Tigers Martial Arts Drone P.

Great school, my son has been in training for about three months now and loves it. The facility is always clean and the coaches are experienced and really enjoy the kids no Mcdojo's here.

Drone P.

Twin Tigers Martial Arts Karen G.

Our girls have learned so much from here. It's nice to see a variety of discipline and cool techniques. Nick is such a great teacher! So affordable as well.

Karen G.

Twin Tigers Martial Arts Ericka S.

I absolutely love Twin Tigers!! Best place to go for both kids and adults. It is a great family place and the coaches are awesome. I am absolutely happy with how they work with all ages and how they make you feel apart of the family. They are the most amazing and positive role models! Thank you for all you do!

Ericka S.

Twin Tigers Martial Arts Victoria K.

If your looking for a place that will build confidence in your child this is the place to go! The instructors are awesome!

Victoria K.

Twin Tigers Martial Arts Marlene G.

Twin Tigers is a terrific, family-oriented martial arts program. We can definitely see a tremendous amount of growth and development in our son's physical ability and overall well-being. We attribute his progress at Twin Tigers to his three instructors who always provide constructive feedback and encouragement as well as his fellow students. Twin Tigers has most definitely been (and will continue to be, we are sure) a blessing!

Marlene G.

Twin Tigers Martial Arts Claire W.

So happy we are here! This place is amazing! The coaches are hands down fabulous, and truly care about my son. My son has only been here for a few months- but is already showing self confidence and a true drive for BJJ. True gem for our community!

Claire W.

Twin Tigers Martial Arts David H.

Our son has been training at Twin Tigers for over a year. Our experience has been very positive and he has learned so much. Not only do they learn martial arts but also how to have confidence and control. The coaches are fantastic and really encourage every child at every level of knowledge. Thank you Twin Tigers!

David H.

Twin Tigers Martial Arts Mary C.

I was apprehensive about changing schools after my return to karate as I was liking my new Japanese style. I'm so glad I did and returned to Tang Soo Do under the instruction from Twin Tigers. Everything is broken down and simplified. Even though I've had prior training in the style, I am amazed at how much more there is to know and learn. As for Jiu-Jitsu....It's something I knew I needed in my tool bag. I tried it a few times previously elsewhere, but being one of those germ freaks, I refused to let anyone inside or near my clean bubble. Twin Tigers has changed that for me...Thank you. The place is super clean so for freaks like me it makes it that much easier to overcome other issues. Teaching again is broken down. In both programs advanced levels are given more challenges. It's a family friendly atmosphere where learning is both fun, entertaining and challenging. I've been here 2 1/2 years now.

Mary C.

Twin Tigers Martial Arts Porter G.

Twin Tigers is not only a place to train with some of the best coaches but it's a plans to meet great friends and be part of a loving and caring family. My kids and I love going to class and look forward to it. We love Twin Tigers as part of our family.

Porter G.

Twin Tigers Martial Arts Joel G.

We became interested in this for our boys mostly for the discipline and then decided to enroll all our kids and ultimately the whole family is participating! I never thought I would enjoy this so much. I leave every training session knowing my kids, wife and myself are more able to defend ourselves than the day before. All of the trainers are very easy to talk to and make the whole experience enjoyable. We love this place!

Joel G.

Twin Tigers Martial Arts Timothy R.

Nick and Matt do a wonderful job with kids!!! They work with them in a way that teaches them yet keeps the little ones interested. My son loves it.

Timothy R.

Twin Tigers Martial Arts Matthew P.

We started our 5 and 7 year old boys in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu just over a year ago. The positive growth we have seen in self-esteem, socialization, and sportsmanship has been amazing. And most importantly they love it! My wife and I started after watching for a few months and it is the best and most fun work out I have ever had. The students and coaches train hard and have fun! Definitely a great experience for everyone.

Matthew P.

Twin Tigers Martial Arts Lori E.

We love Twin Tigers!! Our son has been a student here since he was 4. He is now 16 and is a 3rd degree black belt but even more than that, he is young man that has great mentors in Nick and Matt as well as many of the other black belt students. He has been given opportunity to lead and teach as well as grow in tang soo do skills along with learning how to be disciplined and responsible. Looking forward to many more years with this studio!!

Lori E.

Twin Tigers Martial Arts Tiffany L.

My son tried another place a couple of years ago & it wasn't all that great when it came to teaching him. We've been at Twin Tigers for about a year now & we absolutely love it. My son has learned & grown at the rate I was hoping, & I even love watching the classes. & I love the Christian atmosphere.

Tiffany L.

Twin Tigers Martial Arts David S.

If you're looking for quality martial arts in a great location with a beautiful facility then check out Twin Tigers. Matt and Nick are very knowledgeable instructors and rarely do you see both Tang Soo Do (Karate) and BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) taught by twins! So, not just great martial arts, but great people too. You, and your family, would do well to select this as your martial arts school!

David S.

Twin Tigers Martial Arts Stephanie H.

We are so thankful God has sent us to Twin Tigers. Nick, Matt, and Jeana are amazing instructors who have a true heart for Tang Soo Do and Jiu-Jitsu. We are amazed at how much Rachel has grown not only in Tang Soo Do and Jiu-Jitsu but as a young lady. We are not only a part of a school, but we are part of a family!

Stephanie H.

Twin Tigers Martial Arts Kevin L.

Our 2 kids ( 5 and 7) are enrolled in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Twin Tigers and they love it. The teachers/ training are excellent. It's not only good for self -confidence but self control. Not only are the instructors well versed but the veteran students help out with the younger students as well. Truly a great all around environment.

Kevin L.

Twin Tigers Martial Arts Lisa C.

We love Twin Tigers! Our 7 year old son has been in Tang Soo Do for almost 2 years now and he has learned so much. Mr. Nick is always patient with him but is also great about correcting him when necessary and teaching high standards for behavior. We highly recommend Twin Tigers!!

Lisa C.

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